Cloud-based Digital Process Operations Software

Run Your
Digital Operations,

  • Source organic digital process demand
  • Initiate goal-based process discovery
  • Auto-assess and auto-rank digitalization opportunities
  • Identify process-oriented competitive advantages
  • Create and manage your process automation funnel

Achieve maximum gain.


"DigitalOps represents an Evolution of BPM" - Gartner, Inc.


the Digital Transformation
which matters the most.

Diversify your digital gains: enhance customer experience and employee experience, improve data quality, increase process throughput and cost efficiency, decrease process risk, and identify digital competitive advantages.

Gain your DigitalOps advantage today.

SaaS Features

You get:

an organic demand pipeline of process digitalization requests.

  • Easily ask the right questions and get the right response data each time without a process discovery workshop.
  • Business users can request: Task Robots, Data Robots, Process Robots, Intelligent Robots, and Conversational AI.
  • Requests vary in size, complexity, cost, benefit, business impact, intelligence level and more metrics and classifications.
  • Each request is an opportunity to enhance customer and employee experience, improve data quality, increase process throughput and cost efficiency, and reduce process risks.

You get:

a goal-focused set of process digitalization opportunities.

  • Steer digital process transformation towards a specific business goal.
  • Quickly start a goal-based initiative.
  • Customize initiative with more finely defined business objectives.
  • Invite business users to contribute ideas and participate in identifying opportunities.
  • Each initiative returns a different set of request types matching its main business goal.

You get:

your digital process consultancy in digital form, with:

  • Instant request, process, and opportunity assessments.
  • Each assessment is based on a request-type specific assessment model.
  • Five different assessment models are auto-triggered in real-time.
  • Customize and optimize the assessment models base-values to more closely match your business specifics and requirements.
  • Assessed opportunities are ranked and you can adjust rankings based on different criteria.
  • View and export assessment reports for each sourced or initiated opportunity.

Prime DigitalOps™ is made for

Business and Technology Executives

Guide the strategic direction of your organization's Digital Process Operations. Maintain digital process transformation alignment with business stakeholders and end-to-end business process owners. Empower your business teams with Prime DigitalOps.

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Digital Programme Leaders

Manage the essentials of your Digital Process Operations programmes through multiple initiatives across various business units. Ensure the selection of the most valuable opportunities for the right level of Digital Transformation. Advance the right initiatives towards realization while maintaining a maximum ROI.

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Competence Center and CoE Managers

Establish and provide standardized digital process services: Task Robots, Data Robots, Process Robots, Intelligent Robots, and Conversational AI. Each request is assessed according to a type-specific assessment model. Create a demand funnel with both organic and initiated opportunities. Qualify your selected opportunities and plan for effective transformation and automation delivery.

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Digital Initiative Owners

Embrace collaboration with Business Subject Matter Experts (SMEs). Prime DigitalOps helps you ask the right questions for discovering digitalization opportunities. Discover operational business processes described in BPMN 2.0.2. Get the right information each time. Provide Business Process Analysts, Digital Solution Designers, and Automation Developers with the information they need. Maintain a system-of-record of digitalization initiatives.

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Platform FAQ

Prime DigitalOps™ or - PrimeOps™ - is a Digital Process Operations platform. It provides you with the environment, tools, standards, and methods to run your process automation initiatives.

Digital Process Operations is process-oriented digital operations.

It combines Business Process Management (BPM) practices with Process-Aware Information Systems (PAIS), such as Robotic Process Automation Systems (RPAS), to enable positive digital process transformation within and across business organizations.

Digital process operations involves generating value by combining current operational business process knowledge with deep process suitability and opportunity assessment models as practiced in Process and Operational Excellence.

It also involves providing operating functionality, such as Prime DigitalOps SOURCE and INITIATE and ASSESS to a digital process Center of Excellence (CoE).

PrimeOps makes it easy for you to create your actionable opportunity pipeline of assessed business process digitalization requests.

It helps you to identify and discover operational business processes described in BPMN 2.0 by their original process Subject Matter Experts (SMEs).

You can start a new goal-based initiative and enable SMEs to contribute their ideas and requests to meet business goals.

Each request is an opportunity, each opportunity is auto-assessed in real-time. You get assessment results to help you make the right opportunity choices, process selections, and process automation project decisions.

PrimeOps is a like a digial process practice in digital form.

SMEs are the day-to-day contributors to an operational business process.

Business process SMEs champion computer-aided manually-orchestrated business processes. SMEs are the best-representative source of business knowledge in people-centric business processes. This is especially the case in service and knowledge-based industries.

SMEs contribute their ideas, knowledge and requests for digitalization, they also contribute with process models and collaborate with process DevOps for process analysis, solution design and development.

Yes. PrimeOps is most valuable for functional-organization people businesses.

While businesses with a higher business process orientation can reach more advanced digitalization in less time. Yet, the bigger gains are more easily achieved by functional-style businesses. This is especially the case at the earlier adoption stages of process-orientation and digitalization by people companies.

If you are beginning with process-aware technologies like Intelligent Business Process Management systems (iBPMS) or Robotic Process Automation Systems (RPAS) in your business, then you will find all the right and necessary components, tools, standards, information and support to start your automation initiatives.

If you are a higher-maturity process-oriented business and you're expecting more 'hyper' levels of business process automation, then you need to manage and control the business processes being automated as much as you need to manage and control the costs and benefits of your automation initiatives. That's exactly what you can do with PrimeOps.

Prime DigitalOps is the catalyst for successfully and beneficially scaling digitalization, RPA, and Conversational AI in business.

Yes. PrimeOps currently provides you with five real-time opportunity assessment models. One for each request type. Requests include Task Robots, Data Robots, Process Robots, Intelligent Robots, and Conversational AI. Each request-type is assessed according to a multi-criteria process and opportunity assessment model.

As a DigitalOps Manager you can adjust the base-values of the assessment models to more closely match the specifics of your initiative and business. You can rank assessed opportunities based on various criteria. You get the data to further inform and support your opportunity choices and process selections.

PrimeOps empowers your initiative decisions with data and a more comprehensive programme vantage point.

As little as it takes. This product is business efficiency focused, it requires the minimum amount of interaction with end users to achieve the maximum possible results.

PrimeOps takes the burden and replaces performing initial process identification expeditions and process discovery workshops, and the burden of performing a process-specific opportunity assessment, and enables you to generate an assessment report as a PDF document.

The time you save to reach the right information complements the gains from process transformations contributed by your teams. PrimeOps makes your digital process operations journey easier and more exciting for everyone.

Yes. You are the owner of your data with us. We take your data privacy seriously and do our utmost to keep your information safe, private, and secure. Our platform is full-disk encrypted at the back-end. Unauthorized access does not lead to a human or machine-readable user data. Our platform is HTTPS enabled for TLS data-encryption-in-transit. All of our system, front-end, and back-end and all data reside on servers in the European Union. We practice GDPR requirements. Your data is never sold, made available, or transferred to any third-party in any form.

Read in more detail about how we protect your data.